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How A Rebrand Can Revitalise Your Business

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Out with the old, in with the new!

There are various points in life that ask us to redefine ourselves. Whether it is through an unexpected event, a make over or through personal growth, we always take steps to change the way people perceive us.

The same happens in the business world. In a world where the internet has blown everything up so much that your company message or product can be seen around the world in next to know time, it is becoming more and more important to keep up-to-date with the times. The trick is to spot when this change is needed.

If someone hands you a business card that just has a name and a telephone number on it in a black Times New Roman typeface, it disappears into the back of the brain and is probably not thought of again. It's important to stay fresh and professional in this technology driven world. If you hand someone something that sticks in their mind you can grab your potential customer and prompt them to keep you in mind.

Below are ten reasons to rebrand, do you think you fall under one of these categories?

1. To further develop your corporate brand

It wasn't long ago, for a large number of organisations, a corporate identity consisted of just a logo, a simple typeface and possibly a primary colour palette. Styles such as a visual language, secondary colour palettes and photographic styles had not been defined yet. This usually meant that there was a lot of freedom when applying branding, ultimately ending in the brand's visual image becoming some what of a mess and even becoming somewhat blurred with between the lines and the different styles and uses between different designers/users.

In such cases further development of a corporate identity is very important to ensure the creation of a consistent and recognisable brand. With stricter brand guidelines this helps any would be designer or user.

2. To make it cleaner and simpler

Your organisations message and identity have to be clear. There is no ifs or buts about it, if your businesses image doesn't represent what you do, whether in the name, the colour, the look, or tag line, then people won't find you or it will cause confusion with your consumers.

This could fall under a fashion with graphic design as well. With the development of software in the 2000s and into the 2010s it became quite fashionable to have a logo that had a three dimensional feel to them. Possibly even made to look like an icon for a tablet or smart phone. This is very much in the past now with simpler logos being the trend now with simpler flat shapes being the way to go now. One example of this would be the development of the new MasterCard logo, launched earlier this year.

While some people could be put off by following fashions, this is a good way to go. Although it may need refreshing every ten years, it is important to keep up with the times. Whether in terms of developing new products or updating your online image, you have to not only keep up but also stand out from your competitors.

3. To signify a change in the market

Changes in any market may put the existence of some companies at risk. The famous world-wide-web in particular is making it necessary for certain sectors to have to reinvent themselves. Different requirements always call for a different product or way of doing things. A prime example of this is the printing industry. During the 90s, before the infamous credit crunch, it was common practise to use your local printing company and order what ever you needed for what ever the cost was.

Nowadays, with the development of the internet, it is easier than ever to go online and compare prices between various business and with the reduction of quality the cheapest price wins. It is up to the local printers to then update and offer new products such as graphic design and web design to stay up-to-date and even offer something different to those online printers, who will print what ever you give them no matter what it looks like. The look of these companies need to stay with current trends and update themselves when needed.

4. To update your image making you more relevant

The internet is a common factor within the need to rebrand. Your corporate identity can be seen on the other side of the world nowadays, everyone can see it if they want to. It is becoming more and more important to keep up with fashions, not only in your logo, but also the overall look of your corporate identity.

For example, looking at the old Vauxhall logo (above) you can feel how out dated it looks. It's over complicated, monotone and quite unrecognisable now. The modern Vauxhall logo is much more simplified and modern. The opinion of Vauxhall cars through the decades has now changed from being a very average affordable family car organisation. With this new logo came a new image, and along with the changes in the types of cars they made, signified the end of it's mundane reputation to a car manufacturer that can match and beat its foreign competitors not only in price but also in style.

5. To better capture who you are - and what your customers love you for

Maybe your business has a very simple logo that uses a simple font. Maybe you just use some initials. This kind of logo is very nondescript and doesn't give away much to existing and potential customers. So there is a need to add to this logo to further your message and show who you are. It also doesn't help you stand out from your competitors.

Bringing a logo to life with a symbol, added colour or even by using a subtle yet clever element to your logo furthers who you are and tells your customers what you do. One famous example of this would be the famous FedEx logo (below).

It's a logo millions see everyday and most without ever realising its cleverness. This logo famously uses a hidden arrow and directly suggesting transport through direction. Positivity also comes through the way it points in the direction you read. The success of this logo proves how much a simple thing can can enhance the image of a company.

6. To signal change

Change is always important, change is what keeps people on their toes and brings about fresh ideas and directions to move into. Whether it is a new CEO, a new product, it all brings about the change and the need to breath a new lease of life into a company.

When there is a new person in charge they may want to make their own impression. They will have new ideas and a new focus, A logo and a new corporate identity would be a good way to show your customers that things are changing and things are just going to get better and better. One prime example of this was the return of Steve Jobs to Apple. He came in and changed the then rainbow coloured apple to the use of a flat monotone logo that looks fresh and clean, perfect for the rest of their now famous simple white branding. 

7. To stand out from a busy market

There is hardly a market that isn't saturated nowadays. You think of electronics you immediately think of Apple, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nokia, LG - the list could go on. Each one though has it's own recognisable brand that are highly recognisable and unique to one another. Apple has the half eaten apple, windows has the window icon. This proves that you not only have to keep up with your competitors but you have to stand out in your own unique way.

Again with the development of the internet, apps and social media your corporate message, products and services are now not only competing against your local and national competitors, it is competing on a global scale. It is so important to stand out on your own.

8. Internationalisation

As a growing business there may come a time when you look to other shores and expand your services and offices to other countries. What better time to rebrand? A new corporate identity highlights this change.

Alternatively you may all ready have an existing global brand but with different names. However it is becoming more and more important to these organisations to solidify that popular product and brand with one singular name. One prime example is that of UK based name Jif changing it's the european alternative Cif.

9. To correct a misconception or a negative view of your business

Unfortunately there are times when negative press surfaces about a business or a product of which tarnishes the reputation of an organisation. You could be the most popular brand and one simple thing could send the opinion of your customers of you down the drain. At this point it should be considered important to refresh the brand and launch it along with the changes you are bringing to the business to improve it for the better. And although it may mean a change of name or direction it will show your customers that you have moved on and you are stronger than ever. 

10. To bring to life a change in your name

A change of name can be a fantastic way to show the new release of life within a company. Whether it is from a merger or sale of a company, change of business environment, an attempt to restore your reputation, or launch a new business strategy or direction, a new logo will definitely be needed, no question about it.

The importance of a corporate identity is unquestionably important. It is after all the face of your company. Graphic design on the whole is an industry built around trends and setting the way forward in the world. The correct branding can make all the difference as to whether a customer wants to invest in your product, services or business. So whether you have an outdated logo that just needs a revamp or you need something with more bite and helps build your reputation think about rebranding. You may be surprised at how much this affects your business and its sales.

Remember Infinity Imagery can help you with rebranding. Contact them to find out more and setup a meeting, even if its for some free advise. It wouldn't hurt to try, would it?

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